Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions must be agreed to in order to participate in the JBuckz affiliate program with Panorama Pacific Ltd. We invite all Webmasters with active affiliate accounts to earn revenue by promoting our websites. We agree to give you on-time payments; to give you the affiliate tools and support you need to promote us; to keep your account in good standing and pay you for all sales and rebills, without 'traffic leaks'; to do everything possible to convert and retain your traffic; and to be an adult sponsor program you can trust. In return, we expect affiliates to send us traffic in ethical ways, and work together with us to increase incomes.

You can choose a variety of ways to promote our program:
60% Revshare on all sales and rebills
Up to $40 PPS

In order to keep your account in good standing and receive your payments you must follow, comply, and agree to all of the terms and conditions of this agreement. All Terms and Conditions are legally binding.


• You must be of legal age(18 to 21 dependent upon local law) to participate in the program.

• Webmasters will be paid for trial and full membership sales including rebills at the current Payout Schedule on our Revshare Program. Webmasters in our PayPerSignup program will only be paid one time for all sales according to our Payout Rate and agree to forfeit all rebills. JBUCKz pays out for sales on ALL processors including our primary biller, back-up processors and phone billing.

• Payments are made two times per month in US dollar via Check, Paxum, Paypal or Wire. Due to Load Time issues with Paxum beyond our control, please allow a delay of up to 2 weeks for your payment if you choose this option. Our first pay period runs from 1 st - 15 th of the month and the second period from 16 th – the last day of the month. For the first period, you will be paid on the 8 th of the following month and 22 nd of the following month for the second one. Account balances of less than $100 USD will be carried forward into the next period.

• We do not allow sites that support, imply or promote child pornography, bestiality, rape, or violence; cheat or use other fraudulent, illegal, unethical or socially unacceptable methods. You will simply be dropped from the program and not paid.

• We do NOT allow affiliates that cybersquat on our domains, or use variations of our copyright domains, including typos, without express written permission. We reserve the right to hold payments and further take legal action for sites infringing on our domains. We further do not allow bidding on Google Adwords with our paysite names. If you think you might be in violation of any of these terms and don't want to lose your account and/or not get paid, please contact us immediately.

• We reserve the right to limit program options for affiliates that aren't performing. For example, if after 6 months we find that we do not profit from you promoting us on Pay Per Sign-up, we will contact you to discontinue your promotions or change to Revshare. If we find you are sending too many chargebacks or refunds and suspect you of fraud, we reserve the right to cancel your affiliate account and you will not be paid.

• We do not allow sites with illegally pirated videos or content to promote us, and will further notify any Producers if we find that their content has been used illegally.

• We do NOT allow sites to copy the text from our tours or our html and use it on their websites. Please change the text wherever possible as it will benefit both your site and ours from problems with 'duplicate content' in Google.

• Only one account per webmaster or company is allowed. We do not allow family members or business partners/employees to refer one another into our Webmaster Referral program. Anyone caught abusing our Webmaster Referral program will have their accounts banned, not get paid, and could further face legal action.

• Free content may only be used for advertising JBuckz websites. We will take aggressive legal action against any company or individual that misuses our free content for any other reason.

• We do not allow affiliates to place any sort of watermarks over our videos without permission. Doing so could cause you to receive a DMCA notice and legal action to be taken against your website, including the automatic banning of your affiliate account. If you are unsure, please contact us.

• You are not allowed to promote our sites by spam/UCE This includes bulk newsgroup postings, unsolicited AOL/ICQ "instant messages", or any other "dirty tricks". In some instances, we will permit affiliates to market to people that have indicated that they wish to receive such promotional materials from you. For instance, if you produce a newsletter that surfers subscribe to, you would be permitted to use such a vehicle for marketing purpose, however please contact us first.

• JbuckZ reserves the right to terminate any affiliate at any time for false, misleading, slanderous or libelous comments regarding our company, or if it is determined that their continuing to promote us is not in the best interests of the company. You will be banned from the program and not paid, as well as subject to prosecution and/or litigation regarding such statements.

• JbuckZ reserves the right to change the terms and conditions.

• JbuckZ reserves the right to terminate any account that violates the terms and conditions.

• By filling out and completing the 'sign-up' form, you are bound by all terms and conditions set here-in.

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